IA & TeddyLoid AR Live on TV

October 13 2017

TeddyLoid had a AR live stage performance on NHK WORLD “J-MELO” with a virtual artist IA for the first time ever!
They played together TeddyLoid’s new song “Invisible Lovers feat. IA”, which is the ending theme song for NHK WORLD “J-MELO” and the performance will air on NHK WORLD “J-MELO”!
Don’t miss the B2B session with banvox!

<”J-MELO” Air time>
Program: NHK WORLD “J-MELO”/ “Club DJ-MELO: TeddyLoid and banvox”
* NHK WORLD (international broadcasting)
October 16th (Mon) 24:00/ 6:10/ 12:30/ 18:30 (JST)
* If you download the app, the program will be available on your mobile.

* BS Premium (domestic broadcasting)
October 21st (Sat) 5:30

TeddyLoidとヴァーチャルアーティストIAがコラボレーションした新曲「Invisible Lovers feat. IA」のライブパフォーマンスがNHK WORLD「J-MELO」にて放送!世界初のAR共演の模様をお見逃しなく!